Thursday, May 1, 2014

TSW day 128 (I think)

Okay, so the clofibrate was a fail. I guess what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I used it for 5 days on my fingers, top of my hands, and about an inch of my wrist. On the last day, the application burned so bad that I though "F this"!!! If I hadn't noticed improvement yet, I didn't expect to and might as well go back to full MW. Unfortunately, the next few days my hands hurt like crazy. I definitely learned my lesson!
On top of that, my energy levels have returned to normal (low). I'm going to try and look at it in a positive way and just assume that that's what I have to look forward to in the future. I'm guessing I'll have a few days here and there where I feel really energetic and eventually there will be more of those days than sleepy ones. All in God's time.
Also, I'm doing the liver detox per my functional medicine doctor. Can't say I've noticed any difference, good or bad. The shake I have to drink is disgusting and I have to add so much fruit & stevia just to get it down that I almost feel like it defeats the purpose. I also start my week of vegan eating tomorrow. Not exactly looking forward to it, though the prospect of eating lots of carbs is exciting. That also means I have to drink this shake 3x/day....yuck.

Here are some pics of the last few days. My hands have the texture of sandpaper and good ole elephant skin.

I can't stop picking the scabs above my lip!! So now I've taped gauze over it in an attempt to let it heal. 

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  1. :(
    I feel your pain on picking the scabs above your lip. It's hard not to! The cut on my lip has been here for months.

    Sending you happy healing thoughts!