Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 months down!!

Today is the 5 month anniversary of the day I quit topical steroids! Yay!! 5 months closer to being healed. I had a pretty bad itch attack last night (mainly hands and wrists), lasting about 2 hours but then woke up feeling okay! So no complaints here. I'm going to try and get some sun today as I feel it would be beneficial. Sometimes I know it would make my skin feel worse but today is not one of those days. I also am going to try and eat alot better. I've slacked on my juicing and supplements so I'm going to be better about that, too. Today is a good energy day. A few days ago, I was basically useless and laid on the couch ALL day long. So I'm going to try and be as productive as possible today! Hoping everyone else is having a good day too :)

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