Thursday, May 7, 2015

quick update - 16.5 months

Ive been flaring badly since my last post. Today is the first day my skin feels a bit calmer. Hopefully it continues. I don't know if this was your run of the mill tsw flare or if I flared because I ate gluten. Ugh. I didn't mean to and I'm so mad that I did (thought it was gluten free). I try to stay mostly paleo but it's not easy when you're out and especially if someone goes out of their way to get me something gluten free then I really cant turn it down! The last time I ate gluten was last summer and I flared SO BADLY but there were other potential contributing factors so I cant say definitively that it was the gluten that did it that time. This time I really think it is though. I itched like I havent itched in sooooo long. That bone deep itch that drives you crazy. And I cried, alot. These days I only cry bc of the valium withdrawal but this time I cried bc of my skin. My hubby made me start drinking my veggie juices again, this time with ginger added for its anti inflammatory effects. Maybe it helped? I dont know, all I know is I AM SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!