Thursday, May 7, 2015

quick update - 16.5 months

Ive been flaring badly since my last post. Today is the first day my skin feels a bit calmer. Hopefully it continues. I don't know if this was your run of the mill tsw flare or if I flared because I ate gluten. Ugh. I didn't mean to and I'm so mad that I did (thought it was gluten free). I try to stay mostly paleo but it's not easy when you're out and especially if someone goes out of their way to get me something gluten free then I really cant turn it down! The last time I ate gluten was last summer and I flared SO BADLY but there were other potential contributing factors so I cant say definitively that it was the gluten that did it that time. This time I really think it is though. I itched like I havent itched in sooooo long. That bone deep itch that drives you crazy. And I cried, alot. These days I only cry bc of the valium withdrawal but this time I cried bc of my skin. My hubby made me start drinking my veggie juices again, this time with ginger added for its anti inflammatory effects. Maybe it helped? I dont know, all I know is I AM SICK OF THIS SHIT!!!


  1. Seeing my son, Josh go through this - plus reading other posts, I think flares around 11-16 months are very common. Josh is in his 17 month, the flare started month 13 and hasn't let up yet. It's difficult not to give up hope but I think flares are just another round of healing. Doesn't make it any easier to go through, but I think it helps to think of it as healing rather than sickness. This was caused by steroids. Steroids is what made you sick and you are slowly but surely recovering from that. Your skin is awesome, it is doing its work of healing, it's helping you get better. I am so angry that steroids have continued to be prescribed when they cause so much suffering like this. Look after yourself, treat yourself, love yourself, pamper yourself - you really deserve as much TLC as you can possibly handle and if those around you can't give it, give that gift to yourself! Much love, Louise (Josh's Mum)

  2. Thank you so much Louise!! You're so right, I just have to (TRY to) not let the doubt creep in. Hope Josh's flare eases up soon and we all get a little break! :)