Sunday, June 14, 2015

17 months!

I am SO glad this last flare is over. Even after my last post, I continued to flare until about a week ago. I honestly thought it would never end. It was the worst flare this year, for sure, but when I look back at pictures, it doesnt look all that bad. Same goes for my pre-TSW skin. I look back at pictures and wonder why I'm making myself suffer through all this because I looked normal. Then I remember I spent years trying to control my increasingly out-of-control eczema, trying different diets, spending lots of money on different doctors...Even before TSW, I was considered high maintenance due to all my special requirements. I was always hot so needed the a/c on blast, couldn't be outside for too long bc the sweat would irritate me, I often had to leave events because of an itch attack, could never bathe my son, etc. Even if I had wanted to continue using steroids, it wouldn't be an option. They did nothing for the last few years leading up to my withdrawal. Literally, nothing. So with my skin already being addicted, withdrawal was truly my only option. This is what I have to remember during my flares. And then as bad as my flare was, it died off just as quickly.

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