Thursday, July 16, 2015

Feeling good!!

It's been about 18.5 months since I quit using topical steroids and for once I can report that I'm doing well! My last monthly flare (I have predictable and unpredictable flares - the predictable ones come monthly with my period) was not as bad as prior ones. I actually left the house to run errands mid-flare which I have NEVER done. Even my last valium taper was not as bad, though when I mentioned that to hubby he thought I was joking. It didn't feel as bad! My sleep is still awful. I generally sleep about 50% of the amount of time I lay in bed trying to. So if I lay there from midnight to 10am, I probably slept 5 hours. I wake up after an hour of sleep, then I'm awake for an hour or more, then back to sleep for another hour or two if I'm lucky and then finally when the sun comes up I get my best sleep of about 2-3 hours. Never more than 3 hours. It is SO ANNOYING. And you would think id be tired enough to nap but most of the time I can't fall asleep when trying to nap either. I'm bathing twice a day and trying to get an hour of sun a day but have been averaging 3 days a week. Even so, my skin feels okay! Honestly it's probably the best it's been since I started this crazy thing. I really hope this trend continues.


  1. Hi Karina,
    I love your blog!
    I too have eczema and will try uv therapy.
    I recall reading that it didn't work for you?
    How could you tell? And how long did you go for?
    Because I've read that sometimes the eczema gets worse
    before it gets better when doing uv therapy.

  2. Hi Sophie - so glad you like the blog! :)
    The first time I tried UV therapy it actually did work. But that was in conjunction with topical steroids. It takes a couple weeks to notice an improvement, I did it for about a year, 3 times a week. The next 2 times, I didn't have much success. My skin was addicted by that point though so it wouldnt have worked regardless. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for your donation. It means a lot.

    My flares also timed up with my period. I'm glad the sun helps! I was never able to give my skin enough sun, irritated it too much.

    It is looking much better though! less inflamed and angry.

    Sending you Positive Healing Thoughts

  4. Youre welcome! Hope you're doing okay.