Monday, February 29, 2016

And just like that...

I swear, TSW is the most unpredictable, frustrating journey. I just wanted to post this quick update to remind MYSELF that no matter how bad I flare, it WILL end. My skin is now better than its been maybe throughout this entire process. I feel like it could heal very quickly if it wanted to. Of course, I know I'll flare again but thank god for this period of calm!! My skin is still dry and flakey but very little pain and has thinned out all over. No NEW irritations. Now, do I even bother with the cyclosporine?? I'm going to get the prescription anyway to hold on to. Hang in there people!!


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  2. Glad to hear! Your skin did it all by itself with no help. Id hold off on the prescription. Keep hanging in there! Happy healing :)