Thursday, December 31, 2015

2 whole years

Heal, heal, heal!!!

That's what I keep chanting to my skin, lol! My 2 year anniversary just passed and I had what a lot of people would consider an anniversary flare. It was quite bad. I felt like my skin was comparable to a year ago, which is a huge step backwards. My neck was burning and stinging, often had to wrap a soft t-shirt around it to block the wind. It also burnt like hell to take a bath. My knees started hurting again too, to the point where I was hopping around again. And the itch! Omg the itch came back. That bone deep, unquenchable itch. Even the crazy fatigue came back too. But now all that has subsided (well, all except the fatigue) and my skin is even better than it was before the flare!! Ever the unpredictable journey with you, TSW.

Trying to remain positive in the new year. Starting my Whole 30 tomorrow - excited to see what health benefits I experience from it!!

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