Thursday, November 27, 2014

11 month anniversary & happy thanksgiving!

It's actually 3 days after my 11 month anniversary and honestly, I'm feeling better than I have all year! I've seen incredible healing in the past few weeks alone. I attribute this fully to the sun I've been taking. Time having passed is obviously a factor as well. "Time heals all wounds" takes on a literal meaning now! I've been getting out more - going grocery shopping, having play dates, and finally am able to wake up with the baby! I actually feel pretty NORMAL. And unlike other times that my skin has gotten a bit better, I feel like my skin is really healing this time.
It's amazing!!!

My problem areas are still the same, just lesser. My face is healing, neck is almost completely healed, hands and arms are a bit better...behind my knees hurts the most and my ankles/feet area are still quite thick and scabby. The itch is not nearly as bad as it once was and aside from the area behind my knees, I have next to no pain. My biggest problem by far is weaning off all the medication I've been taking to handle all these crazy TSW symptoms. I'm currently down to 3/4 of a vicodin a day and down about 200 mg of gabapentin (from 1200 to 1000). It'll probably be another 2 months until I'm fully off these and then I can start weaning off valium and then ambien. I am worried about the sleep but I'm just taking it one step at a time. I have to say, though, this weaning process is alot harder than anticipated. I am IRRITABLE, all the time. I feel a little crazy. Sometimes alot crazy! LOL. It's not funny, actually, because when it's happening I tend to take it out on whoever it around me which is usually the hubby. But then when I'm feeling okay, I'm able to look back and laugh at myself and how crazy these drugs are making me. I get a migraine type headache if I don't take my medicine at exactly the same time every day. Sometimes I cry for no reason. It's definitely taking a toll on me emotionally but I know it's temporary, just like my skin. I'm actually starting to plan things for next year whereas 2 months ago I was assuming I'd still be housebound in 2015.

I will post more pictures in a few days but right now I have some Thanksgiving cooking to do!! In keeping with tradition, I will share what I am most grateful for. I think it is obvious... but I am SO grateful that I am finally healing and feeling better and even more grateful to everyone that has supported me throughout this incredibly difficult year. I love you all!! 

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