Saturday, September 27, 2014

Things I can't wait to do once healed

In no specific order...

1. Go to Vegas!!! Gotta make up for lost time
2. Go shopping for NON eczema clothes. In fact, get rid of all eczema clothes
3. Have a normal sleep schedule (ie wake up w the baby)
4. Get back into shape- running, yoga
5. Go on dates w the hubby
6. Go grocery shopping myself
7. Volunteer at my baby's new preschool (who knew I'd be so excited about PTA?!)
8. Start looking for homes to buy (or build!)
9. Take baby on fun adventures every day
10. Resume laser hair removal
11. Go to church
12. Travel somewhere awesome, take road trips around FL
13. Wear my hair curly
14. Get a massage!
15. And a mani/pedi
16. Go to the beach & lay out by the pool
17. Become a domestic goddess! Cook up some delish & nutrish meals, organize my house and keep it tidy - because I'll have energy, right?!
18. Maybe go back to school? Get a master's in holistic nutrition
19. And eventually, once I've lived it up a bit, get pregnant again!

I'm sure there's more but at least there are plenty of things to look forward to :)

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