Monday, February 24, 2014

Moisturizer withdrawal?

This is a hot topic within our little community. I haven't done it yet but am convinced it is beneficial to those suffering from TSW. I've set my date for MW to be on March 13, about 2.5 weeks from now. Due to having a toddler at home and a wonderful husband who travels often for work, we had to pick a date which would leave him available to take care of our son during the first few wretched days. In the meantime, I'm trying to lessen the amount of moisturizer I use in a day anyway because I notice the more I use, the more I itch and feel hot. So far, I've only used coconut oil after a shower or bath, jojoba oil before my afternoon nap and neosporin right before I eat to get some mobility of my face and neck. Based on my experience so far, I have an idea of what the withdrawal will be like. One word: ouch! My biggest concern is the itch that comes with the extreme dryness. I'd love to hear your experience if you've already been through MW! Do you have any home remedies that worked for you?

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